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Facilitators Needed For DMP 3 & 4

A shout out to all! We are looking for 20 facilitators who have outgoing personalities as well as keen insights and a love for architectural explorations to join us for 2 coming DMP workshops. Sign up NOW!

Young Urbanist Programme Season 1

The Young Urbanist Programme [YUP] held on Monday 10th March 2008, was a 1-day workshop initiated by the Urban Redevelopment Authority (URA) and executed in collaboration with [re:act] and held at the URA Centre.
Young Urbanist Program

Design My Place at HCI

DMP, Workshop
a We just finished the Design My Place (Urban Creativity Workshop) over the weekend. It was nothing short of an amazing experience for the students, the facilitators, the organisers, and our supporters. It was very encouraging to see at the end how well received...

DMP 2 - God Save The Queen!

DMP, Workshop
“A group of junior college and polytechnic students, together with the assistance of aspiring architects and designers, were on a mission to ‘save’ Queenstown estate from its desolate present! Unpredictability is probably the best word to describe the workshop, as we were immersed in the company of wacky teenagers...

Solving the CUBE

DMP, Workshop
CUBE or Challenge for the Urban and Built Environment was a competition that re:ACT organised for the Urban Redevelopment Authority (URA) under its Architecture and Urban Design Excellence programme (A.UDE) as part of its 35th anniversary celebrations. We took our usual DMP workshop...

Kids Go Wild at URA

Fun, great, cool, creative, interesting, crazy, scary, brain wrecking, spectacular, challenging, the best, excellent, shiok, record breaking, oh my gosh… This was how the primary 5 students had described the pilot YUP workshop yesterday. Held at URA Centre...

EAR to GROUND @ Adam Food Centre

Wednesday, October 24, 2007 Reporter: Yu Sern Hong 0 Responses
Service Providers... sigh... No luck with this group of people. That day, 20th Oct, a Saturday at Adam Food Centre, the cleaners and toilet guard I tried to approach didn't give me any useful responses. They are like these:

1) Cleaner #1 > spoke some dialect which I cannot understand. but he's quite sporting, he tried to write on the table the number of years the food centre has been existing, which is about 35-40 years.

2) Cleaner #2 > A Thai or Filipino guy. He can't speak English.

3) Cleaner #3 > A younger chap who just wants to be left alone to smoke in a corner and only speaks dialect

4) Cleaner #4 > a very busy and hardworking old man. He was always in the midst of the tables clearing. I felt bad trying to approach him and left him alone.

5) Toilet guard > SLEEPING!!!


EAR to GROUND @ Serene Centre

Wednesday, October 24, 2007 Reporter: Yu Sern Hong 0 Responses
Laughter , shouts, darkness draws us near
An alley's end, another world in cheer
Fantastic Four, Marvel Heroes, Magical creatures
A whole new Literature
(* about the comic corner on the 2nd floor)

Hey, sure or not?
Trade with me lah, dun be like that
A card for a card, be steady lah

Yes Sir, how are you?
There's teh tarik, rum raisin, or peach tea ice-cream
take a picture, snap! leave a piece of your dream
(* about the island creamery shop on the 1st floor)


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