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EAR to GROUND @ Adam Food Centre

Wednesday, October 24, 2007 Posted by Yu Sern Hong
Service Providers... sigh... No luck with this group of people. That day, 20th Oct, a Saturday at Adam Food Centre, the cleaners and toilet guard I tried to approach didn't give me any useful responses. They are like these:

1) Cleaner #1 > spoke some dialect which I cannot understand. but he's quite sporting, he tried to write on the table the number of years the food centre has been existing, which is about 35-40 years.

2) Cleaner #2 > A Thai or Filipino guy. He can't speak English.

3) Cleaner #3 > A younger chap who just wants to be left alone to smoke in a corner and only speaks dialect

4) Cleaner #4 > a very busy and hardworking old man. He was always in the midst of the tables clearing. I felt bad trying to approach him and left him alone.

5) Toilet guard > SLEEPING!!!
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